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  • Jest to syntetyczne kompendium poświęcone najistotniejszym, aktualnym problemom z zakresu chorób reumatycznych. Układ książki jest następujący: model opieki nad chorymi na choroby reumatyczne w UE, ból jako objaw dominujący w chorobach...(więcej)
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    Get ready for interview success Programming jobs are on the rise, and the field is predicted to keep growing, fast. Landing one of these lucrative and rewarding jobs requires more than just being a good programmer. Programming Interviews For...(więcej)
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    The bestselling beginner Arduino guide, updated with new projects! Exploring Arduino makes electrical engineering and embedded software accessible. Learn step by step everything you need to know about electrical engineering, programming, and...(więcej)
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    Explores the latest advances and applications of specialtyand electronic gas analysis The semiconductor industry depends upon a broad range ofinstrumental techniques in order to detect and analyze impuritiesthat may be present in specialty and...(więcej)
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    A comprehensive analysis of changes in body form and skeletal robusticity from the Terminal Pleistocene through the Holocene, leading to the modern European human phenotype. Skeletal Variation and Adaptation in Europeans: Upper Paleolithic to the...(więcej)
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    An extensive update to a classic text Stochastic geometry and spatial statistics play a fundamental role in many modern branches of physics, materials sciences, engineering, biology and environmental sciences. They offer successful models for the...(więcej)
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    Recently, there has been a growing awareness of the multiple interrelationships between depression and various physical diseases. Patients with psychiatric problems, particularly depression, may be more susceptible to cardiovascular disorders....(więcej)
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    Journal of Prosthodontics on Complex Restorations compiles 34 of the journal's best articles discussing complex restorative dental challenges, collecting notable works on the subject. * Presents a curated list of the best peer-reviewed articles on...(więcej)
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    Understand the real-life science behind crime scene investigation Forensics For Dummies takes you inside the world of crime scene investigation to give you the low down on this exciting field. Written by a doctor and former Law & Order consultant,...(więcej)
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    An essential guide to good governance for board leaders at alllevels of experience and expertise This third edition of the bestselling book for nonprofit boardmembers and professionals offers a thoroughly revised and updatedresource that answers...(więcej)
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    Ace the GMAT with the only official study guide from the creators of the examWith 25% brand new content, The Official Guide for the GMAT Review 2016 delivers more than 900 retired questions from the official GMAT exam, complete with answer...(więcej)
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    Seascape Ecology provides a comprehensive look at the state-of-the-science in the application of landscape ecology to the seas and provides guidance for future research priorities. The first book devoted exclusively to this rapidly emerging and...(więcej)
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    * Tom Kenny, one of the best-known and well-respected educators in EP brings his signature style to this new primer * Practical, accessible, highly illustrated approach makes learning easy * Provides an overview of the algorithms and devices offered...(więcej)
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    A visual guide to the iPhone--now fully updated If you are a visual learner, Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPhone, 3rd Edition is the book for you with 500 full-color screenshots that clearly illustrate all the features your iPhone has to offer. Get the...(więcej)
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    Previously published as the first volume of The Encyclopediaof Global Human Migration, this work is devoted exclusively toprehistoric migration, covering all periods and places from thefirst hominin migrations out of Africa through the end...(więcej)
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    A Companion to American Sport History presents acollection of original essays that represent the firstcomprehensive analysis of scholarship relating to the growing fieldof American sport history. * Presents the first complete analysis of the...(więcej)
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    Hope for American democracy in an era of deep divisions In Healing the Heart of Democracy, Parker J. Palmerquickens our instinct to seek the common good and gives us thetools to do it. This timely, courageous and practicalwork--intensely personal...(więcej)
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    The standard work for all those involved in the field of clinical nutrition and dietetics, The Manual of Dietetic Practice has been equipping health care professionals with the essential foundations on which to build expertise and specialist skill...(więcej)
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    "This book should have a place on the bookshelf of everyforensic scientist who cares about the science of evidenceinterpretation" Dr. Ian Evett, Principal Forensic Services Ltd, London, UK Continuing developments in science and technology mean that...(więcej)
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    As its title suggests, this innovative book has been written for life scientists needing to analyse their data sets, and programmers, wanting a better understanding of the types of experimental images life scientists investigate on a regular basis....(więcej)
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    We are currently eating, sleeping and breathing a new foundreligion of everything 'green'. At the very heart ofresponsibility is industry and commerce, with everyone now racingto create their 'environmental' business strategy. Inline with this...(więcej)
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    A comprehensive e-book package for SolidWorks users SolidWorks is a powerful 3D solid modeler used in computer-aideddesign (CAD). Popular for its drag-and-drop, point-and-click, andcut-and-paste functions, SolidWorks is complex, and the detailfound...(więcej)
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    A comprehensive overview of Monte Carlo simulation that explores the latest topics, techniques, and real-world applications More and more of today's numerical problems found in engineering and finance are solved through Monte Carlo methods. The...(więcej)
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    The site designer's guide to SketchUp's powerful modeling capabilities SketchUp for Site Design is the definitive guide to SketchUp for landscape architects and other site design professionals. Step-by-step tutorials walk you through basic to...(więcej)
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    With the health of the world's oceans threatened as never before, it is becoming increasingly apparent that Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) play a vitally important role in protecting marine and coastal habitats. Management of Marine Protected Areas:...(więcej)

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