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    Shari Kari is in trouble. She just broke up with her boyfriend, but now he's got a hit on her. Her supportive sister tells her to get out of Calibri City and into a small safe town: Lost Secret. Famous for being the one-stop drop town for the rich... (więcej)
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    Cloudie Skye must fall in love with Cupid Valentine, but how can she fall in love if she can't find him? Cloudie Skye hates Arrow Love Inc. She wants it to be the right person when she falls in love not because she got struck with an arrow.... (więcej)
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    All the hero and his sidekick wanted was to help. They had sworn to help the world, but foul tricks have been used against them. They both must face new obstacles and uncover secrets if they are to survive. Regrets, anguish and hidden feelings force... (więcej)
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    On a planet where romance is mandatory, falling in love can be revolutionary. On planet Heart, everyone falls in love . . . either by chance, or by design. The angelians, Heart's inhabitants, are famous for making arrows that will turn anyone shot... (więcej)
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    Ever wanted to be a Juliet? Alicia never wanted that. She didn't want love at first sight. She didn't want to meet in secret. She didn't want to be separated every day of the year but one. Ever wanted to be a Romeo? Yeah, Vinnie didn’t want to be... (więcej)

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