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    This book presents an empirically-grounded sociolinguistic history of the English language in Hong Kong in the past 170 years. Using substantial sets of diachronic and synchronic data, it traces the changing status and functions of English in...(więcej)
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    Environment, Modernization and Development in East Asia critically examines modernization's long-term environmental history. It suggests new frameworks for understanding as inter-related processes environmental, social, and economic change across...(więcej)
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    This book provides readers with a postcolonial reading of the case of Linde et al. v. Arab Bank, PLC, and argues that American courtrooms are being used by rhetors to tell Anglo-American stories about Hamas, the causes of the Second Intifada, and...(więcej)
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    This study examines the impact of Buddhism on the political process of Asian countries in recent times. The intersection between Buddhism and politics; religious authority and political power is explored through the engagement of Buddhist monks and...(więcej)
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    This edited volume brings together a series of contributions exploring the socio-cultural and psychological representation of peace and conflict. It ventures into areas of the humanities and social sciences not typically foregrounded in Peace...(więcej)
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    This volumes engages with the 'Global(izing) International Relations' debate, which is marked by the emerging tensions between the steadily increasing diversity and persisting dividing lines in today's International Relations (IR) scholarship. Its...(więcej)
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    This book explores intersectional constructions of race and whiteness in modern and contemporary Italy. It contributes to transnational and interdisciplinary reflections on these issues through an analysis of political debates and social practices,...(więcej)
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    European unity is a dream that has appealed to the imagination since the Middle Ages. Its motives have varied from a longing for peace to a deep-rooted abhorrence of diversity, as well as a yearning to maintain Europe's colonial dominance. This book...(więcej)
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    The four main tenets of life are explored in this unique new book that examines the issues that touch each executive, or for that matter, people in general. Based on his experiences as a psychoanalyst, professor and leadership coach, the author...(więcej)
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    While 'union organising' has developed over time and in many different environments, it has become apparent that a number of key problems have developed. Evaluating its efficacy in terms of union strategies, tactics, styles and...(więcej)
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    Hofstede introduced a culture paradigm that has been widely influential in international business. However, its relevance in light of culture's increasing complexity due to globalization has been questioned. Alternative culture...(więcej)
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    The creative process refers to the sequence of thoughts and actions that are involved in the production of new work that is both original and valuable in its context. This book examines this process across the domains of visual art,...(więcej)
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    At a time when traditional dating practices are being replaced with new ways to meet potential partners, this book provides fresh insights into how are men responding to new ways of dating. Drawing upon original research, this book examines a...(więcej)
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    This volume examines the anxieties that caused many nineteenth-century writers to insist on literature as a laboured and labouring enterprise. Following Isaac D’Israeli’s gloss on Jean de La Bruyère, it asks, in particular, whether writing...(więcej)
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    In this book, Faye Woods explores the raucous, cheeky, intimate voice of British youth television. This is the first study of a complete television system targeting teens and twenty somethings, chronicling a period of significant industrial change...(więcej)
  • od 458.28 zł Brak ofert
    This book examines the influence of the EU on party politics in the ten 'new' EU countries from a variety of perspectives and using a range of empirical sources. The book thus makes an original and distinctive contribution both to contemporary EU...(więcej)
  • od 401.22 zł Brak ofert
    The story of how the concept of a pantheon, a building honouring great individuals, spread across Revolutionary Europe and interacted with socio-political and cultural changes. Analysing the canon and iconography of each pantheon, Bouwers shows how...(więcej)
  • od 245.16 zł Brak ofert
    This groundbreaking study offers new insights into public relations history with a focus on the changing relationship between women and public relations, the institutionalization of public relations education, and the significance of globalization...(więcej)
  • od 416.64 zł Brak ofert
    This insightful book examines human resource management practice and its perceived impact on performance in the non-profit sector. Presenting case studies of six NGOs in Kenya, it explores HRM practices in a non-profit setting, and uncovers details...(więcej)
  • od 245.16 zł Brak ofert
    This book discusses approaches to organizational learning from a materialist point of view. Inspired by research into Police Firearms training, features of expansive learning inform the development of perspectives on training which...(więcej)
  • od 490.38 zł Brak ofert
    Redefining Well-Being in Nations and Organizations is an essential book for researchers, policy makers and managers. It provides a new multi-disciplinary perspective on wellbeing and engagement, reviewing the latest research from several previously...(więcej)
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    This book examines a range of visual images of military recruitment to explore changing notions of glory, or of gloire, during the French Revolution. It raises questions about how this event re-orientated notions of ‘citizenship’ and of service...(więcej)
  • od 401.22 zł Brak ofert
    In late medieval and early modern Europe, textual and visual records of disaster and mass death allow us to encounter the intense emotions generated through the religious, providential and apocalyptic frameworks that provided these events with...(więcej)
  • od 401.22 zł Brak ofert
    Through an examination of his later personal notebooks, this study explores the reciprocal effects that Samuel Taylor Coleridge's scientific explorations, philosophical convictions, theological beliefs, and states of health exerted upon his...(więcej)
  • od 445.80 zł Brak ofert
    This book provides critically examines how recent international developments in victims theory and policy are experienced within specific local contexts. The chapters approach key criminological issues including the experience of criminal justice...(więcej)

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