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    This book explores the unique relationships between professional baseball teams and the unique ways professional baseball leagues are organized in North America with a primary focus on how proximity can and does impact consumer demand. Perhaps more...(więcej)
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    This book presents the position that the online environment is a significant and relevant theater of activity in the fight against terror. It identifies the threats, the security needs, and the issues unique to this environment. The book examines...(więcej)
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    In the past four years, many genetic loci have been implicated for BMI from the outcomes of genome-wide association studies (GWAS), primarily in adults. Insulin-induced gene 2 (INSIG2) was the first locus to be reported by this method to have a role...(więcej)
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    Spinal Injuries and Conditions in Young Athletes provides a comprehensive, in-depth review of the mechanisms and management of back injuries and problems occurring in this ever-growing and active population. Led by Dr. Lyle Micheli and his...(więcej)
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    This volume will explore the latest findings in research into the genetics of breast and reproductive cancers, covering the epidemiological aspects of these cancers, their etiology, the effect of environment on genes and cancer etiology, and how...(więcej)
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    As scientific analysis of testable hypotheses has replaced the speculative approach to study of bone disease in recent and fossil amphibians and reptiles, the field has advanced from simply reporting observations to analyzing their implications....(więcej)
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    The purpose of this series is to provide resources related to teaching and career development for faculty at all stages of their careers and to scientists considering careers in industry. Young faculty (or graduate students and post docs thinking...(więcej)
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    The factors affecting water quality are many: The increasing buying power and health concerns of the world population contribute to the creation of new products whose production and disposal lead to the release of...(więcej)
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    Just as autism is a continuum of disorders, it is associated with a broad range of neurodevelopmental, social, and communication deficits. For individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) has a...(więcej)
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    For centuries, electrochemistry has played a key role in technologically important areas such as electroplating or corrosion. In recent decades, electrochemical methods are receiving increasing attention in important strongly growing fields of...(więcej)
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    ​​From Kinetic Models to Hydrodynamics serves as an introduction to the asymptotic methods necessary to obtain hydrodynamic equations from a fundamental description using kinetic theory models and the Boltzmann equation....(więcej)
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    Recent studies have revealed remarkable complexity and diversity in orchid-pollinator relationships. These studies comprise a vast literature currently scattered in numerous, often obscure, journals and books. The Pollination Biology of North...(więcej)
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    Coordination of risk assessments and risk communication strategies requires information sharing and establishing networks of working relationships between groups and agencies. Establishing these relationships necessitates overcoming - stitutional,...(więcej)
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    Squamous cell cancers of the head and neck (SCCHN), also known as head and neck cancers (HNC) encompass malignancies of the oral cavity, larynx, nasopharynx and pharynx, and are diagnosed in over 500,000 patients worldwide each year, accounting for...(więcej)
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    Sequential Experimentation in Clinical Trials: Design and Analysis is developed from decades of work in research groups, statistical pedagogy, and workshop participation. Different parts of the book can be used for short courses on clinical trials,...(więcej)
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    This volume is devoted to the dynamics and diagnostics of solar magnetic fields and plasmas in the Sun’s atmosphere. Five broad areas of current research in Solar Physics are presented: (1) New techniques for incorporating radiation transfer...(więcej)
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    In 1915 and 1916 Emmy Noether was asked by Felix Klein and David Hilbert to assist them in understanding issues involved in any attempt to formulate a general theory of relativity, in particular the new ideas of Einstein. She was consulted...(więcej)
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    Remediation in medical education is the act of facilitating a correction for trainees who started out on the journey toward becoming excellent physicians but have moved off course. This book offers an evidence-based and practical approach to the...(więcej)
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    Container Terminals (CT) operate as central nodes in worldwide hub-and-spoke networks and link ocean-going vessels with smaller feeder vessels as well as with inbound and outbound hinterland transportation systems using road, rail, or inland...(więcej)
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    This book provides a state-of-the-art look at the applied biomechanics of accidental injury and prevention. The editors, Drs. Narayan Yoganandan, Alan M. Nahum and John W. Melvin are recognized international leaders and researchers in injury...(więcej)
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    It is clear that the melanocortins are of immense academic interest. Further, these molecules have remarkable potential as pharmaceutical agents for treatment of multiple human and veterinary disorders and diseases. The evidence to support academic...(więcej)
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    Next generation sequencing is revolutionizing molecular biology. Owing to this new technology it is now possible to carry out a panoply of experiments at an unprecedented low cost and high speed. These go from sequencing whole genomes,...(więcej)
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    In the second edition of Electronics for Guitarists author Denton Dailey teaches the basic theory of operation and design principles of analog guitar signal processing circuits and amplifiers. The design and operation of common effects circuits such...(więcej)
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    Over the years, Jeremy Bernstein has been in contact with many of the world’s most renowned physicists and other scientists, many of whom were involved in politics, literature, and language. In this diverse collection of essays, he reflects on...(więcej)
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    This text presents the basic and clinical foundations of anesthesiology.   It is easy to read and is comprehensive without being lengthy.  Readers can test their knowledge with the “Clinical Review” questions at the end of...(więcej)

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