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    This volume covers recent developments in the design, operation, and management of mobile telecommunication and computer systems. Uncertainty regarding loading and system parameters leads to challenging optimization and robustness issues....(więcej)
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    In the last thirty years humans have probed the Universe, explored the Solar System and visited with spacecraft some of the most incredible places humans have ever laid eyes upon. We have expanded our knowledge slowly and surely, but still now only...(więcej)
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    ESA’s Venus Express Mission has monitored Venus since April 2006, and scientists worldwide have used mathematical models to investigate its atmosphere and model its circulation. This book summarizes recent work to explore and understand the...(więcej)
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    Health Effects of Cell Phone Radiation will offer a concentrated and up-to-date overview on the effects of radio frequencies on human tissue. While significant advances are being made on many fronts, ranging in frequency from quasi-static to the...(więcej)
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    Major improvements in instrumentation and specimen preparation have brought SEM to the fore as a biological imaging technique. Although this imaging technique has undergone tremendous developments, it is still poorly represented in the literature,...(więcej)
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    Edible films and coatings play an important role in the quality, safety, transportation, storage, and display of a wide range of fresh and processed foods. Edible films and coatings, while preventing moisture loss and maintaining quality, prevent...(więcej)
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    Television has become a ubiquitous part of our lives, and yet its impact continues to evolve at an extraordinary pace. The evolution of television from analog to digital technology has been underway for more than half a century. Today's digital...(więcej)
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    This brief systematically examines the trackback problem and its interaction with low-latency anonymous communication. First, it provides an overview of the common techniques a network-based attack may use to hide its origin and identity. Then the...(więcej)
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    The present volume is intended to be a synopsis of seizure disorders with a goal of describing key studies in animals and humans. The translation of pertinent findings from animal studies to human studies, and to potential human studies will be...(więcej)
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    Recommender systems are one of the recent inventions to deal with the ever-growing information overload in relation to the selection of goods and services in a global economy. Collaborative Filtering (CF) is one of the most popular techniques in...(więcej)
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    The purpose of this book is to offer a more systematic and structured treatment of the research on accounting‐based valuation, with a primary focus on recent theoretical developments and the resulting empirical analyses that recognize the role of...(więcej)
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    ​Over the millennia, from stone tools among early foragers to clays to prized metals and mineral pigments used by later groups, mineral resources have had a pronounced role in the Andean world. Archaeologists have used a variety of analytical...(więcej)
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    This book summarizes present knowledge of different mechanisms involved in the development of positive and negative consequences of cardiac adaptation. Particular attention is paid to the still underestimated adaptive cardiac responses during...(więcej)
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    Perturbation theory and in particular normal form theory has shown strong growth in recent decades. This book is a drastic revision of the first edition of the averaging book. The updated chapters represent new insights in averaging, in particular...(więcej)
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    Elliptically Contoured Models in Statistics and Portfolio Theory fully revises the first detailed introduction to the theory of matrix variate elliptically contoured distributions. There are two additional chapters, and all the original chapters of...(więcej)
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    Clinical Reproductive Medicine and Surgery offers a succinct overview of both the medical and surgical management of reproductive disorders, as well as coverage of associated imaging modalities. The book includes chapters on major reproductive...(więcej)
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    This manual is aimed to provide health care professionals, at the scene and at hospitals, as well as allied organizations, a practical and operational approach for planning the response to mass casualty incidents (MCI’s), with...(więcej)
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    Tinnitus is a prevalent hearing disease, affecting 15% of the population, particularly hearing impaired, veterans and even young people who grow up with mp3 players and iPods. The mechanisms underlying tinnitus remain controversial. At present there...(więcej)
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    The Internet and associated technologies have been around for almost twenty years. Networked access and computer ownership are now the norm. There is a plethora of technologies that can be used to support learning, offering different ways in which...(więcej)
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    Rectenna Solar Cells discusses antenna-coupled diode solar cells, an emerging technology that has the potential to provide ultra-high efficiency, low-cost solar energy conversion. This book will provide an overview of solar rectennas, and provide...(więcej)
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    This ambitious volume brings together and assesses all major systematic reviews of the effectiveness of criminological interventions, to draw broad conclusions about what works in policing, corrections, developmental prevention, situational...(więcej)
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    Written and edited by outstanding world experts, this is the first portable, single-source volume on intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IOM).  It is aimed at all members of the operative team – anesthesiologists, technologists,...(więcej)
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    Comet nuclei are the most primitive bodies in the solar system. They have been created far away from the early Sun and it is supposed that their material has been altered the least since their formation. This volume presents the results of a...(więcej)
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    ​​This is the first major textbook to address both computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance (MR) cardiac imaging of adults for the diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart disease (CHD). Since the introduction of faster CT...(więcej)
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    This book is unique in covering a wide range of design and analysis issues in genetic studies of rare variants, taking advantage of collaboration of the editors with many experts in the field through large-scale international consortia including the...(więcej)

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