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    Mark Schuckit’s Drug and Alcohol Abuse has been a clinical mainstay for over a quarter century. Now the author’s trusted expertise is available in a new Sixth Edition, thoroughly revised for content, updated references, and streamlined for...(więcej)
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    Sociological theories of crime include: theories of strain blame crime on personal stressors; theories of social learning blame crime on its social rewards, and see crime more as an institution in conflict with other institutions rather than as in-...(więcej)
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    This book provides an account of the field of synchronized Phasor Measurement technology, its beginning, its technology and its principal applications. It covers wide Area Measurements (WAM) and their applications. The measurements are done using...(więcej)
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    This book focuses on foundry-based process technology that enables the fabrication of 3-D ICs. The core of the book discusses the technology platform for pre-packaging wafer lever 3-D ICs. However, this book does not include a detailed discussion of...(więcej)
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    This important book enhances understanding of entrepreneurial dynamics, providing the first analysis of changes in US entrepreneurial activity. Based on the unprecedented Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics, it examines adult participation in...(więcej)
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    M-health can be defined as the ‘emerging mobile communications and network technologies for healthcare systems.' This book paves the path toward understanding the future of m-health technologies and services and also introducing the impact of...(więcej)
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    This book sets out to explain the clinically relevant basic mechanisms of excitotoxic neuronal death, which in the adult mammalian brain is morphologically necrotic, not apoptotic, and which involve caspase-independent mechanisms of programmed cell...(więcej)
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    In excess of 7 million people worldwide die of coronary heart disease each year.  Only one-third of these heart attack victims recover completely.  The remainder suffer the consequences of myocardial infarction and its ill fated...(więcej)
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    Presents a range of CAD algorithms and techniques for synthesizing and optimizing interconnect Provides insight & intuition into layout analysis and optimization for interconnect in high speed, high complexity integrated...(więcej)
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    -The editor and his contributors are prestigious in the global health community, many holding positions as affiliated with the World Health Organization. Also, Gunn is a head of the Society for Humanitarian Medicine. -Will appeal as a high level...(więcej)
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    This book explores the links between food and human cultural and physical evolution. Each chapter begins by summarizing the basic knowledge in the field, discusses recent research results, and confirms or challenges established concepts, inviting...(więcej)
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    This book offers surgeons the most up-to-date information related to non-surgical techniques specific to periorbital rejuvenation. This easy-to-use reference guide is for ophthalmologists, oculoplastic surgeons, dermatologists, plastic...(więcej)
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    The Study of Movement Speeds Down Stairs closely examines forty-three unique case studies on movement patterns down stairwells. These studies include observations made during evacuation drills, others made during normal usage, interviews with people...(więcej)
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    The subject of sterilization of food in cans has been studied both experimentally and theoretically, but limited work has been undertaken to study the sterilization of food in pouches. This book examines the interaction between fluid mechanics, heat...(więcej)
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    Stochastic differential equations (SDEs) are a powerful tool in science, mathematics, economics and finance. This book will help the reader to master the basic theory and learn some applications of SDEs. In particular, the reader will be provided...(więcej)
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    In Memoriam of Alfred S. Evans The third edition of Bacterial Infections of Humans is dedicated to Alfred Spring Evans, who died on January 21, 1996, 2 ½ years after a diagnosis of cancer. Al was the senior editor of this textbook, which he founded...(więcej)
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    This hugely practical work will be a bible in the pocket of hematologists and other practitioners everywhere, covering as it does malignant hematologic diseases that physicians will only occasionally see. It provides accurate, up-to-date information...(więcej)
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    Mobile multimedia broadcasting compasses a broad range of topics including radio propagation, modulation and demodulation, error control, signal compression and coding, transport and time slicing, system on chip real-time implementation in ha- ware,...(więcej)
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    Solid-State spectroscopy is a burgeoning field with applications in many branches of science, including physics, chemistry, biosciences, surface science, and materials science. This handbook brings together in one volume information about various...(więcej)
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    Social Networks and the Semantic Web offers valuable information to practitioners developing social-semantic software for the Web. It provides two major case studies. The first case study shows the possibilities of tracking a research community...(więcej)
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    Plant biotechnology applies to three major areas of plants and their uses: (1) control of plant growth and development; (2) protection of plants against biotic and abiotic stresses; and (3) expansion of ways by which specialty foods, biochemicals,...(więcej)
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    This book provides a fascinating reading experience for anyone interested in an inquiring relationship between technical progress and the quality of the human condition. It manages to keep a healthier balance between these two complex topics than is...(więcej)
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    This volume includes up-to-date field research on the longest-studied and best known of lemur species. It contains articles by scientists from America, Europe, Japan and Madagascar, who combine their knowledge to describe an animal which is unique...(więcej)
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    The 18th Tyrrhenian Workshop on digital communications is devoted to wi- less communications. In the last decade, wireless communications research boosted launching new standards and proposing new techniques for the - cess technology. We moved from...(więcej)
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    Multi-Modal User Interactions in Controlled Environments investigates the capture and analysis of user’s multimodal behavior (mainly eye gaze, eye fixation, eye blink and body movements) within a real controlled environment...(więcej)

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