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    One of the best pieces of devotional literature for the Christmas holidays that we have seea in many a long day. There is nothing maudlin nor tactless in this little book. The tone is poetic and imaginative; it is also bracing. . . . Altogether,...(więcej)
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    The triumph of the gospel of peace over the rude savagery of heathenism is most poetically described in this strong and charming story of how the first Christmas tree was substituted for the gloomy oak of Geismar, at whose foot human sacrifices were...(więcej)
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    Dr. van Dyke has written many things about Christmas and no writer of our time has caught as he has the spirit of that day. No one can forget the "Story of the Other Wise Man," "The Lost Word," or "The First Christmas Tree," and now this little book...(więcej)
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    The Lost Word A Christmas Legend of Long Ago by Henry Van Dyke libreka classics – These are classics of literary history, reissued and made available to a wide audience. Immerse yourself in well-known and popular...(więcej)
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    Sex, Sex, immer wieder Sex. Die Geschichten in Berliner Bengel packen aus drehen sich nur um das eine - genau so, wie die Gedanken der jungen Haupt gur. Geile Muskelskins, schlanke Kerle und jede Menge ungehemmte Action hier geht es so richtig zur...(więcej)
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    In this narrative the author recounts the history of San Diego city and county from the early days on. He gives short overviews of the Bay region, the Lower Coast division, the Northern and the Mountain divisions, as well as other interesting facts...(więcej)

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