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  • It's a perfect life, but something important is missing. Ruby is just beginning to understand that what's missing from her perfect marriage is spice. When the brother of their next door neighbor shows up, home for a visit from construction work, he...(więcej)
  • Paula is a hotwife, and now she's upset with her husband who is off on another business trip. When she heads out on rural roads and her car breaks down, things really seem to suck. Fortunately the good Samaritans who stop to lend her a hand are hot...(więcej)
  • When Mark comes to Pleasant Mountain to make a porn movie he turns the small Western town upside down. The economy is failing and working in porn provides a number of ways for locals to dig out of their entrenched lives. Lennox, the owner of Taboo...(więcej)
  • Anna's return to her hometown with Elliot, a husband she hates is miserable. His dying mother doesn't even want her around. Left on her own, Anna and Kat, Elliot's sister, discover there are plenty of hot guys and opportunities for wild and crazy...(więcej)
  • Chrissy falls in love with a coworker and lets him take her cherry. They hit it off and when she agrees to participate in a threesome with his old girlfriend, she thinks it will show her love. When he dumps her for the old girlfriend with no warning...(więcej)
  • Sam has started the tradition of giving Jill an erotic birthday surprise every year. This year, they are flying to New York for the opening of a live erotic play. After the play, when Sam has stripped her naked and tied her to the bed, the action...(więcej)
  • Breaking in is easy, but you never know exactly how it will go. She's good, and usually things work out, but when home invaders arrive, looking for the real home owner, she has to play along. Thinking she's the owner's girlfriend, they use her for a...(więcej)
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    Everything is better in the salt air. So I talked my husband Freddy into taking me on a Caribbean cruise to the Cayman Islands. He doesn't get excited easily, but knowing I'm banging other men, seeing it, turns him on. I'm thinking that if he's tied...(więcej)
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    DESCRIPTIONConnie just married Frank and now she finds that his partner Travis is someone she spent a hot night with before her marriage. He was hot—much hotter than Frank and now he expects even more from her. He takes her at a party and then...(więcej)
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    DESCRIPTIONBikers are so hot, but... When her boyfriend buys a bike, it just isn't making it. They accidentally stop at a biker bar on their first Saturday ride she gets a lesson in the differences between her fantasy bikers and real ones. Los Lobos...(więcej)
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    DESCRIPTIONFiona's new career isn't taking off. It isn't that she isn't good, but that she doesn't have connections. Most of the business done in her field takes places in an exclusive club and she needs to get in. When the membership committee...(więcej)

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