DVD Studio Pro 3: In the Studio. In the Studio

Autor: Marc Loy


Apple's DVD Studio Pro, released in 2001, provided a low-cost, professional solution for home and small business DVD authoring. Today, the highly sophisticated yet easy-to-use DVD Studio Pro 3 allows independent filmmakers, video producers, trainers, event videographers, and enthusiasts to create professional-grade DVDs on the Macintosh platform. Pair the program with DVD Studio Pro 3: In the Studio, and you've got everything you need to embrace the digital video revolution.This indispensable book gives you the tools and know-how to master DVD Studio Pro 3. Oversized and in full color, the highly visual DVD Studio Pro 3: In the Studio is ideal for Macintosh ProApps developers--those who use Final Cut Pro 4 and Shake 3--as well as for prosumer and professional filmmakers who wish to transfer their projects to DVDs. The book goes well beyond the program's features list to demystify the entire process of DVD design and authoring.Author Marc Loy, who has been using DVD Studio Pro since its inception, goes beyond a simple discussion about the DVD Studio Pro 3 interface and entices readers to experience the program's powerful capabilities as they create eye-catching, innovative DVD designs. He covers the actual protocols involved with the DVD files and filesystems, pixel aspect ratio issues, and common "gotchas" using both still and motion media. He also delivers plenty of tips and tricks for using dynamic buttons. DVD Studio Pro 3: In the Studio explores most everything you need and want to know, including importing from Photoshop and Final Cut Pro, making motion video menus available, effective looping of video and audio, adding multilingual menus and subtitles, encoding rules for DVDs, scripting, and mass duplication hunts.DVD Studio Pro 3: In the Studio is a professional-level book for anyone who's serious about creating high-impact, professional-level DVDs to make your unique vision a digital video reality.

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