Magnolia: Home of tha Soldiers (Behind The Music Tales, #9)

Autor: Harris Rosen

Wydawnictwo: Peace! Carving

Magnolia: Home of tha Soldiers is 8 exclusive interviews, 10 exclusive photos, and 60 links to singles, mixtapes, and tales.  A riveting historical account of how two hustlers invested everything in one ten years old and changed the music business, forever!Magnolia: Home of tha Soldiers, the 9th book in the series, is a look at how Cash Money Records produced some of the iconic stars of the last two decades and continued to cash in on the day. Get raw and real Lil Wayne, B.G., Juvenile, and Turk revelations of their teen years. Learn how Mannie Fresh created all Cash Money Records music. Put some “respek” on Birman’s name. Unmask the mystery of CEO “Slim” and discover the keys to success in an ultra-rare enlightening interview.Magnolia: Home of tha Soldiers is a genuine account of being a young Black man hustling to put food on the table while fighting for his place in the music scene. It gets the answers you want, from a group of young artists who have had to fight and struggle every day to get what they wanted and to be where they are.
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