Node for Front-End Developers

Autor: Garann Means


If you know how to use JavaScript in the browser, you already have the skills you need to put JavaScript to work on back-end servers with Node. This hands-on book shows you how to use this popular JavaScript platform to create simple server applications, communicate with the client, build dynamic pages, work with data, and tackle other tasks.

Although Node has a complete library of developer-contributed modules to automate server-side development, this book will show you how to program with Node on your own, so you truly understand the platform. Discover firsthand how well Node works as a web server, and how easy it is to learn and use.

  • Set up Node and learn how to build scaffolding for a web application
  • Work with Node natively to see how it functions as a web server
  • Understand how Node receives client data from GET and POST requests
  • Use the Socket.IO module to facilitate realtime client-server communication
  • Choose from among several Node templates to create dynamic pages
  • Learn how to connect to a database, and store data in files
  • Implement the Model-View-Controller pattern, and share Node modules with server and client
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