Cassandra: The Definitive Guide. 2nd Edition

Autor: Jeff Carpenter, Eben Hewitt

Wydawnictwo: O'Reilly Media

Imagine what you could do if scalability wasn't a problem. With this hands-on guide, you...ll learn how the Cassandra database management system handles hundreds of terabytes of data while remaining highly available across multiple data centers. This expanded second edition-updated for Cassandra 3.0-provides the technical details and practical examples you need to put this database to work in a production environment.

Authors Jeff Carpenter and Eben Hewitt demonstrate the advantages of Cassandra...s non-relational design, with special attention to data modeling. If a developer, DBA, or application architect looking to solve a database scaling issue or future-proof your application, this guide helps you harness Cassandra...s speed and flexibility.

  • Understand Cassandra...s distributed and decentralized structure
  • Use the Cassandra Query Language (CQL) and cqlsh-the CQL shell
  • Create a working data model and compare it with an equivalent relational model
  • Develop sample applications using client drivers for languages including Java, Python, and Node.js
  • Explore cluster topology and learn how nodes exchange data
  • Maintain a high level of performance in your cluster
  • Deploy Cassandra on site, in the Cloud, or with Docker
  • Integrate Cassandra with Spark, Hadoop, Elasticsearch, Solr, and Lucene
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