iPad: The Missing Manual

Autor: David Pogue


iOS 8 for the iPad is the biggest iOS release ever, and this all-new Missing Manual includes everything you need to know about iPad...s exciting features and new user interface. Missing Manual series creator David Pogue takes you on a guided iPad tour, complete with step-by-step instructions, crystal-clear explanations, and lots of tips, tricks, and surprises along the way.

  • Learn how to sync and work on any file anywhere, on any device, with iCloud Drive
  • Use Family Sharing to circulate your calendars, photos, iBooks, and iTunes and App Store purchases with those closest to you
  • Track your activity, heart rate, and other fitness information with Health
  • Connect to your other iOS devices and Mac like never before with Handoff, Messages, and Instant Hotspot

With this beautiful full-color and easy-to-use book, you...ll discover how to get the most out of your iPad-everything from Web browsing to watching videos.

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