Innovative Tableau. 100 More Tips, Tutorials, and Strategies

Autor: Ryan Sleeper

Wydawnictwo: O'Reilly Media

Level up with Tableau to build eye-catching, easy-to-interpret data visualizations. In this follow-up guide to Practical Tableau, author Ryan Sleeper takes you through a collection of unique tips and tutorials for using this popular software. Beginning to advanced Tableau users will learn how to go beyond Show Me to make better charts and learn dozens of tricks to improve both the author and user experience.Featuring many approaches he developed himself, Ryan shows you how to create charts that empower Tableau users to explore, understand, and derive value from their data. He also shares many of his favorite tricks that enabled him to become a Tableau Zen Master, Tableau Public Visualization of the Year author, and Tableau Global Iron Viz Champion.Learn what’s new in Tableau since Practical Tableau was releasedExamine unique new charts—timelines, custom gauges, and leapfrog charts—plus innovations to traditional charts such as highlight tables, scatter plots, and mapsGet tips that can help make a Tableau developer’s life easierUnderstand what developers can do to make users’ lives easier
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