NGINX Cookbook

Autor: Derek DeJonghe

Wydawnictwo: O'Reilly Media

NGINX is one of the most widely used web servers available today, in part because of its capabilities as a load balancer and reverse proxy server for HTTP and other network protocols. This cookbook provides easy-to-follow examples to real-world problems in application delivery. The practical recipes will help you set up and use either the open source or commercial offering to solve problems in various use cases.For professionals who understand modern web architectures, such as n-tier or microservice designs, and common web protocols including TCP and HTTP, these recipes provide proven solutions for security, software load balancing, and monitoring and maintaining NGINX’s application delivery platform. You’ll also explore advanced features of both NGINX and NGINX Plus, the free and licensed versions of this server.You’ll find recipes for:High-performance load balancing with HTTP, TCP, and UDPSecuring access through encrypted traffic, secure links, HTTP authentication subrequests, and moreDeploying NGINX to Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure cloud computing servicesSetting up and configuring NGINX ControllerInstalling and configuring the NGINX Plus App Protect moduleEnabling WAF through Controller ADC
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