Effective Amazon Machine Learning

Autor: Alexis Perrier

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Learn to leverage Amazon's powerful platform for your predictive analytics needsAbout This BookCreate great machine learning models that combine the power of algorithms with interactive tools without worrying about the underlying complexityLearn the What's next? of machine learning—machine learning on the cloud—with this unique guideCreate web services that allow you to perform affordable and fast machine learning on the cloudWho This Book Is ForThis book is intended for data scientists and managers of predictive analytics projects; it will teach beginner- to advanced-level machine learning practitioners how to leverage Amazon Machine Learning and complement their existing Data Science toolbox.No substantive prior knowledge of Machine Learning, Data Science, statistics, or coding is required.What You Will LearnLearn how to use the Amazon Machine Learning service from scratch for predictive analyticsGain hands-on experience of key Data Science conceptsSolve classic regression and classification problemsRun projects programmatically via the command line and the Python SDKLeverage the Amazon Web Service ecosystem to access extended data sourcesImplement streaming and advanced projectsIn DetailPredictive analytics is a complex domain requiring coding skills, an understanding of the mathematical concepts underpinning machine learning algorithms, and the ability to create compelling data visualizations. Following AWS simplifying Machine learning, this book will help you bring predictive analytics projects to fruition in three easy steps: data preparation, model tuning, and model selection.This book will introduce you to the Amazon Machine Learning platform and will implement core data science concepts such as classification, regression, regularization, overfitting, model selection, and evaluation. Furthermore, you will learn to leverage the Amazon Web Service (AWS) ecosystem for extended access to data sources, implement realtime predictions, and run Amazon Machine Learning projects via the command line and the Python SDK.Towards the end of the book, you will also learn how to apply these services to other problems, such as text mining, and to more complex datasets.Style and approachThis book will include use cases you can relate to. In a very practical manner, you will explore the various capabilities of Amazon Machine Learning services, allowing you to implementing them in your environment with consummate ease.
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