Extending Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations Cookbook

Autor: Simon Buxton

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Have the best tools at your fingertips to extend and maximize the efficiency of your business managementAbout This BookFollow practical and easy-to-grasp examples, illustrations and coding to make the most out of Dynamics 365 for Operations in your business scenarioExtend Dynamics 365 for Operations in a cost-effective manner by using tools you already haveSolve common business problems with the valuable features of Dynamics 365 for OperationsWho This Book Is ForThis book is for those who are getting to grips with Dynamics 365 for Operations developers or those migrating from C# development. The guide includes information essential for new and experienced Dynamics 365 for Operations developers.What You Will LearnCreate enumerated and extended data typesUnderstand the importance of using patterns and frameworks while creating a unique concept for your solutionService and deploy your code and packages to improve performanceWrite and perform unit tests to automate the testing processDesign your security model and policies to provide code access privilegesConstruct the UI and business logic to add Power BI to dashboardsIn DetailDynamics 365 for Operations is the ERP element of Microsoft's new Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition. Operations delivers the infrastructure to allow businesses to achieve growth and make better decisions using scalable and contemporary ERP system tools.This book provides a collection of “recipes” to instruct you on how to create—and extend—a real-world solution using Operations. All key aspects of the new release are covered, and insights into the development language, structure, and tools are discussed in detail.New concepts and patterns that are pivotal to elegant solution designs are introduced and explained, and readers will learn how to extend various aspects of the system to enhance both the usability and capabilities of Operations. Together, this gives the reader important context regarding the new concepts and the confidence to reuse in their own solution designs.This “cookbook” provides the ingredients and methods needed to maximize the efficiency of your business management using the latest in ERP software—Dynamics 365 for Operations.Style and approachThe book takes a practical recipe-based approach, focusing on real-world scenarios and giving you all the information you need to build a strong Dynamics 365 for Operations implementation.
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