Learning PowerCLI - Second Edition

Autor: Robert van den Nieuwendijk

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Learn to leverage the power of PowerCLI to automate your VMware vSphere environment with easeAbout This BookThis is first book on the market that will enlighten you on the latest version of PowerCLI and how to implement itEffectively manage virtual machines, networks, and reports with the latest features of PowerCLIA comprehensive and practical book on automating VMware vSphereWho This Book Is ForThis book is ideal for you if you want to learn how to automate your VMware vSphere or vCloud infrastructure by getting the most out of PowerCLI. It's assumed that you have some experience in administrating a vSphere or vCloud environment. Knowledge of Microsoft's Windows PowerShell is not a prerequisite.What You Will LearnExplore PowerShell and PowerCLI cmdlets and their output objectsSee how to manage virtual machines and work with virtual networksManage vCloud Director from PowerCLIUse Site Recovery Manager from PowerCLI to create a disaster recovery solutionManage NSX and vRealize Automation using REST API with PowerCLICreate and configure vSphere HA and DRS clustersUse vSphere Update Manager with PowerCLI to create patch baselines and scan hostsExplore reporting techniques to retrieve log filesIn DetailVMware vSphere PowerCLI, a free extension to Microsoft Windows PowerShell, enables you to automate the management of a VMware vSphere or vCloud environment.This book will show you how to automate your tasks and make your job easier. Starting with an introduction to the basics of PowerCLI, the book will teach you how to manage your vSphere and vCloud infrastructure from the command line. To help you manage a vSphere host overall, you will learn how to manage vSphere ESXi hosts, host profiles, host services, host firewall, and deploy and upgrade ESXi hosts using Image Builder and Auto Deploy. The next chapter will not only teach you how to create datastore and datastore clusters, but you'll also work with profile-driven and policy-based storage to manage your storage. To create a disaster recovery solution and retrieve information from vRealize Operations, you will learn how to use Site Recovery Manager and vRealize Operations respectively. Towards the end, you'll see how to use the REST APIs from PowerShell to manage NSX and vRealize Automation and create patch baselines, scan hosts against the baselines for missing patches, and re-mediate hosts.By the end of the book, you will be capable of using the best tool to automate the management and configuration of VMware vSphere.Style and approachThis comprehensive book will teach system administrators everything about PowerCLI 6 and how to utilize it to automate VMware vSphere.
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