Mastering CSS

Autor: Rich Finelli

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Rich Finelli's modern CSS training course, based on his bestselling Mastering CSS video, now available in a book. Master CSS from best practices to practical CSS coding.About This BookLearn CSS directly from Rich Finelli, author of the bestselling Mastering CSS training courseFrom best practices to deep coding, Rich Finelli shares his CSS knowledge with youRich Finelli covers the latest CSS updates with flexbox and works with retina devicesWho This Book Is ForThis book is for web designers who wish to master the best practices of CSS in their web projects. You already know how to work with a web page, and want to use CSS to master website presentation.What You Will LearnMaster fundamental CSS concepts like the anatomy of a rule set, the box model, and the differences between block and inline elementsEmploy flexbox to layout and align elements simply and cleanlyBecome proficient with CSS3 properties such as transitions, transforms, gradients, and animationsDelve into modular, reusable, and scalable CSS for more organized and maintainable style sheetsUnderstand media queries and other pillars of responsive web designGet creative with the @font-face property, Google Web Fonts, font services such as Typekit, as well as, icon fontsUnderstand the workflow for HiDPI (retina) devices using 2x images, SVG, and the srcset attributeIn DetailRich Finelli trains you in CSS deep learning and shows you the techniques you need to work in the world of responsive, feature-rich web applications. Based on his bestselling Mastering CSS training video, you can now learn with Rich in this book! Rich shares with you his skills in creating advanced layouts, and the critical CSS insights you need for responsive web designs, fonts, transitions, animations, and using flexbox.Rich begins your CSS training with a review of CSS best practices, such as using a good text editor to automate your authoring and setting up a CSS baseline. You then move on to create a responsive layout making use of floats and stylable drop-down menus, with Rich guiding you toward a modular-organized approach to CSS.Your training with Rich Finelli then dives into detail about working with CSS and the best solutions to make your websites work. You'll go with him into CSS3 properties, transforms, transitions, and animations. You'll gain his understanding of responsive web designs, web fonts, icon fonts, and the techniques used to support retina devices. Rich expands your knowledge of CSS so you can master one of the most valuable tools in modern web design.Style and approachLet Rich Finelli train you in CSS! This book has a direct training style because it is based on Rich's bestselling Mastering CSS training course.
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