MongoDB Administrator's Guide

Autor: Cyrus Dasadia

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Manage, fine-tune, secure and deploy your MongoDB solution with ease with the help of practical recipesAbout This BookConfigure and deploy your MongoDB instance securely, without any hassleOptimize your database's query performance, perform scale-out operations, and make your database highly availablePractical guide with a recipe-based approach to help you tackle any problem in the application and database administration aspects of MongoDBWho This Book Is ForDatabase administrators with a basic understanding of the features of MongoDB and who want to professionally configure, deploy, and administer a MongoDB database, will find this book essential. If you are a MongoDB developer and want to get into MongoDB administration, this book will also help you.What You Will LearnInstall and deploy MongoDB in productionManage and implement optimal indexesOptimize monitoring in MongoDBFine-tune the performance of your queriesDebug and diagnose your database's performanceOptimize database backups and recovery and ensure high availabilityMake your MongoDB instance scalableImplement security and user authentication features in MongoDBMaster optimal cloud deployment strategiesIn DetailMongoDB is a high-performance and feature-rich NoSQL database that forms the backbone of the systems that power many different organizations. Packed with many features that have become essential for many different types of software professional and incredibly easy to use, this cookbook contains more than 100 recipes to address the everyday challenges of working with MongoDB.Starting with database configuration, you will understand the indexing aspects of MongoDB. The book also includes practical recipes on how you can optimize your database query performance, perform diagnostics, and query debugging. You will also learn how to implement the core administration tasks required for high-availability and scalability, achieved through replica sets and sharding, respectively. You will also implement server security concepts such as authentication, user management, role-based access models, and TLS configuration. You will also learn how to back up and recover your database efficiently and monitor server performance.By the end of this book, you will have all the information you need—along with tips, tricks, and best practices—to implement a high-performance MongoDB solution.Style and approachThis practical book follows a problem-solution approach to help you tackle any issues encountered while performing MongoDB administrative tasks. Each recipe is detailed, and explained in a very easy to understand manner
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