The Agile Developer's Handbook

Autor: Paul Flewelling

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

A pragmatic companion guide to your Agile journeyAbout This BookMake your team Agile by implementing industry-standard Agile techniquesAssess scope, scale up efficientlyCreate the correct roles and identify the right candidates for your teamFinish your projects faster and stay ahead of the curveWho This Book Is ForIf you're a software developer or a project manager with little to no experience of Agile, but you want to efficiently implement it, this is the book for you.What You Will LearnCreate a solid foundation that gives your team an Agile jumpstartUnderstand how to select and evolve practices to increase your team's agilityUse experiments to accelerate your team's understandingFine-tune your approach by incorporating aspects of Lean and Lean StartupKnow how to foster an environment of continuous improvement and learning that will become self-sustainingIn DetailThis book will help you overcome the common challenges you'll face when transforming your working practices from waterfall to Agile. Each chapter builds on the last, starting with easy-to-grasp ways to get going with Agile. Next you'll see how to choose the right Agile framework for your organization. Moving on, you'll implement systematic product delivery and measure and report progress with visualization. Then you'll learn how to create high performing teams, develop people in Agile, manage in Agile, and perform distributed Agile and collaborative governance.At the end of the book, you'll discover how Agile will help your company progressively deliver software to customers, increase customer satisfaction, and improve the level of efficiency in software development teams.Style and approachThink of this book like a manual, rather than a theoretical textbook. It's packed full of visual ways to understand Agile, helpful tips to get you set up quickly, tried and tested solutions when challenges arise, and heaps of support to get the day-to-day tasks in Agile done. You'll want to keep a copy on your desk, right next to your coffee cup.
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