IoT Penetration Testing Cookbook

Autor: Aaron Guzman, Aditya Gupta

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Over 80 recipes to master IoT security techniques.About This BookIdentify vulnerabilities in IoT device architectures and firmware using software and hardware pentesting techniquesUnderstand radio communication analysis with concepts such as sniffing the air and capturing radio signalsA recipe based guide that will teach you to pentest new and unique set of IoT devices.Who This Book Is ForThis book targets IoT developers, IoT enthusiasts, pentesters, and security professionals who are interested in learning about IoT security. Prior knowledge of basic pentesting would be beneficial.What You Will LearnSet up an IoT pentesting labExplore various threat modeling conceptsExhibit the ability to analyze and exploit firmware vulnerabilitiesDemonstrate the automation of application binary analysis for iOS and Android using MobSFSet up a Burp Suite and use it for web app testingIdentify UART and JTAG pinouts, solder headers, and hardware debuggingGet solutions to common wireless protocolsExplore the mobile security and firmware best practicesMaster various advanced IoT exploitation techniques and security automationIn DetailIoT is an upcoming trend in the IT industry today; there are a lot of IoT devices on the market, but there is a minimal understanding of how to safeguard them. If you are a security enthusiast or pentester, this book will help you understand how to exploit and secure IoT devices.This book follows a recipe-based approach, giving you practical experience in securing upcoming smart devices. It starts with practical recipes on how to analyze IoT device architectures and identify vulnerabilities. Then, it focuses on enhancing your pentesting skill set, teaching you how to exploit a vulnerable IoT device, along with identifying vulnerabilities in IoT device firmware. Next, this book teaches you how to secure embedded devices and exploit smart devices with hardware techniques. Moving forward, this book reveals advanced hardware pentesting techniques, along with software-defined, radio-based IoT pentesting with Zigbee and Z-Wave. Finally, this book also covers how to use new and unique pentesting techniques for different IoT devices, along with smart devices connected to the cloud.By the end of this book, you will have a fair understanding of how to use different pentesting techniques to exploit and secure various IoT devices.Style and approachThis recipe-based book will teach you how to use advanced IoT exploitation and security automation.
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