Stream Analytics with Microsoft Azure

Autor: Anindita Basak, Krishna Venkataraman, Ryan Murphy, Manpreet Singh

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Develop and manage effective real-time streaming solutions by leveraging the power of Microsoft AzureAbout This BookAnalyze your data from various sources using Microsoft Azure Stream AnalyticsDevelop, manage and automate your stream analytics solution with Microsoft AzureA practical guide to real-time event processing and performing analytics on the cloudWho This Book Is ForIf you are looking for a resource that teaches you how to process continuous streams of data in real-time, this book is what you need. A basic understanding of the concepts in analytics is all you need to get started with this bookWhat You Will LearnPerform real-time event processing with Azure Stream AnalysisIncorporate the features of Big Data Lambda architecture pattern in real-time data processingDesign a streaming pipeline for storage and batch analysisImplement data transformation and computation activities over stream of eventsAutomate your streaming pipeline using Powershell and the .NET SDKIntegrate your streaming pipeline with popular Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics modelling algorithmsMonitor and troubleshoot your Azure Streaming jobs effectivelyIn DetailMicrosoft Azure is a very popular cloud computing service used by many organizations around the world. Its latest analytics offering, Stream Analytics, allows you to process and get actionable insights from different kinds of data in real-time.This book is your guide to understanding the basics of how Azure Stream Analytics works, and building your own analytics solution using its capabilities. You will start with understanding what Stream Analytics is, and why it is a popular choice for getting real-time insights from data. Then, you will be introduced to Azure Stream Analytics, and see how you can use the tools and functions in Azure to develop your own Streaming Analytics. Over the course of the book, you will be given comparative analytic guidance on using Azure Streaming with other Microsoft Data Platform resources such as Big Data Lambda Architecture integration for real time data analysis and differences of scenarios for architecture designing with Azure HDInsight Hadoop clusters with Storm or Stream Analytics. The book also shows you how you can manage, monitor, and scale your solution for optimal performance.By the end of this book, you will be well-versed in using Azure Stream Analytics to develop an efficient analytics solution that can work with any type of data.Style and approachA comprehensive guidance on developing real-time event processing with Azure Stream Analysis
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