Learning Scala Programming

Autor: Vikash Sharma

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Learn how to write scalable and concurrent programs in Scala, a language that grows with you.About This BookGet a grip on the functional features of the Scala programming languageUnderstand and develop optimal applications using object-oriented and functional Scala constructsLearn reactive principles with Scala and work with the Akka frameworkWho This Book Is ForThis book is for programmers who choose to get a grip over Scala to write concurrent, scalable, and reactive programs. No prior experience with any programming language is required to learn the concepts explained in this book. Knowledge of any programming language would help the reader understanding concepts faster though.What You Will LearnGet to know the reasons for choosing Scala: its use and the advantages it provides over other languagesBring together functional and object-oriented programming constructs to make a manageable applicationMaster basic to advanced Scala constructsTest your applications using advanced testing methodologies such as TDDSelect preferred language constructs from the wide variety of constructs provided by ScalaMake the transition from the object-oriented paradigm to the functional programming paradigmWrite clean, concise, and powerful code with a functional mindsetCreate concurrent, scalable, and reactive applications utilizing the advantages of ScalaIn DetailScala is a general-purpose programming language that supports both functional and object-oriented programming paradigms. Due to its concise design and versatility, Scala's applications have been extended to a wide variety of fields such as data science and cluster computing. You will learn to write highly scalable, concurrent, and testable programs to meet everyday software requirements.We will begin by understanding the language basics, syntax, core data types, literals, variables, and more. From here you will be introduced to data structures with Scala and you will learn to work with higher-order functions. Scala's powerful collections framework will help you get the best out of immutable data structures and utilize them effectively. You will then be introduced to concepts such as pattern matching, case classes, and functional programming features. From here, you will learn to work with Scala's object-oriented features. Going forward, you will learn about asynchronous and reactive programming with Scala, where you will be introduced to the Akka framework. Finally, you will learn the interoperability of Scala and Java.After reading this book, you'll be well versed with this language and its features, and you will be able to write scalable, concurrent, and reactive programs in Scala.Style and approachThis book is for programmers who want to master Scala to write concurrent, scalable, and reactive programs. Though no experience with any programming language is needed, some basic knowledge would help understand concepts faster.
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