AWS Automation Cookbook

Autor: Nikit Swaraj

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Automate release processes, deployment, and continuous integration of your application as well as infrastructure automation with the powerful services offered by AWSAbout This BookAccelerate your infrastructure's productivity by implementing a continuous delivery pipeline within your environmentLeverage AWS services and Jenkins 2.0 to perform complete application deployments on Linux serversThis recipe-based guide that will help you minimize application deployment downtimeWho This Book Is ForThis book is for developers and system administrators who are responsible for hosting their application and managing instances in AWS. It's also ideal for DevOps engineers looking to provide continuous integration, deployment, and delivery. A basic understanding of AWS, Jenkins, and some scripting knowledge is needed. What You Will LearnBuild a sample Maven and NodeJS Application using CodeBuildDeploy the application in EC2/Auto Scaling and see how CodePipeline helps you integrate AWS servicesBuild a highly scalable and fault tolerant CI/CD pipelineAchieve the CI/CD of a microservice architecture application in AWS ECS using CodePipeline, CodeBuild, ECR, and CloudFormationAutomate the provisioning of your infrastructure using CloudFormation and AnsibleAutomate daily tasks and audit compliance using AWS LambdaDeploy microservices applications on Kubernetes using Jenkins Pipeline 2.0In DetailAWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodeBuild, and CodePipeline are scalable services offered by AWS that automate an application's build and deployment pipeline. In order to deliver tremendous speed and agility, every organization is moving toward automating an entire application pipeline. This book will cover all the AWS services required to automate your deployment to your instances.You'll begin by setting up and using one of the AWS services for automation – CodeCommit. Next, you'll learn how to build a sample Maven and NodeJS Application using CodeBuild. After you've built the application, you'll see how to use CodeDeploy to deploy the application in EC2/Autoscaling. You'll also build a highly scalable and fault tolerant continuous integration (CI)/continuous deployment (CD) pipeline using some easy-to-follow recipes.Following this, you'll achieve CI/CD for Microservices application and reduce the risk within your software development lifecycle. You'll also learn to set up an infrastructure using CloudFormation Template and Ansible, and see how to automate AWS resources using AWS Lambda.Finally, you'll learn to automate instances in AWS and automate the deployment lifecycle of applications.By the end of this book, you'll be able to minimize application downtime and implement CI/CD, gaining total control over your software development lifecycle.Style and approachThis book takes a "How to do it" approach, providing with easy solutions to automate common maintenance and deployment tasks.
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