Advanced Serverless Architectures with Microsoft Azure

Autor: Daniel Bass

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Build complex, observable, and fault-tolerant serverless systems easily on Microsoft Azure. Key Features Use serverless systems to help you fulfill complex requirements Develop your knowledge of Azure Microsoft Serverless Understand concepts with a hands-on approach and helpful examples Book Description Advanced Serverless Architectures with Microsoft Azure redefines your experience of designing serverless systems. It shows you how to tackle challenges of varying levels, not just the straightforward ones. You'll be learning how to deliver features quickly by building systems, which retain the scalability and benefits of serverless. You'll begin your journey by learning how to build a simple, completely serverless application. Then, you'll build a highly scalable solution using a queue, load messages onto the queue, and read them asynchronously. To boost your knowledge further, the book also features durable functions and ways to use them to solve errors in a complex system. You'll then learn about security by building a security solution from serverless components. Next, you'll gain an understanding of observability and ways to leverage application insights to bring you performance benefits. As you approach the concluding chapters, you'll explore chaos engineering and the benefits of resilience, by actively switching off a few of the functions within a complex system, submitting a request, and observing the resulting behavior. By the end of this book, you will have developed the skills you need to build and maintain increasingly complex systems that match evolving platform requirements. What you will learn Understand what true serverless architecture is Study how to extend and scale architectures until they become 'complex' Implement durable functions in your design Improve the observability of your serverless architecture Implement security solutions using serverless services Learn how to 'practise' chaos engineering in production Who this book is for Advanced Serverless Architectures with Microsoft Azure is is ideal if you want to build serverless systems with fewer outages and high performance using Azure. Familiarity with the C# syntax and Azure Functions and ARM templates will help you to benefit more from this book. Prior knowledge of basic front-end development, HTML JS, and CSS is beneficial but not essential. Some DevOps knowledge is also beneficial but not essential.
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