Deep Learning By Example

Autor: Ahmed Menshawy

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Grasp the fundamental concepts of deep learning using Tensorflow in a hands-on mannerAbout This BookGet a first-hand experience of the deep learning concepts and techniques with this easy-to-follow guideTrain different types of neural networks using Tensorflow for real-world problems in language processing, computer vision, transfer learning, and moreDesigned for those who believe in the concept of 'learn by doing', this book is a perfect blend of theory and code examplesWho This Book Is ForThis book targets data scientists and machine learning developers who wish to get started with deep learning. If you know what deep learning is but are not quite sure of how to use it, this book will help you as well. An understanding of statistics and data science concepts is required. Some familiarity with Python programming will also be beneficial.What You Will LearnUnderstand the fundamentals of deep learning and how it is different from machine learningGet familiarized with Tensorflow, one of the most popular libraries for advanced machine learningIncrease the predictive power of your model using feature engineeringUnderstand the basics of deep learning by solving a digit classification problem of MNISTDemonstrate face generation based on the CelebA database, a promising application of generative modelsApply deep learning to other domains like language modeling, sentiment analysis, and machine translationIn DetailDeep learning is a popular subset of machine learning, and it allows you to build complex models that are faster and give more accurate predictions. This book is your companion to take your first steps into the world of deep learning, with hands-on examples to boost your understanding of the topic.This book starts with a quick overview of the essential concepts of data science and machine learning which are required to get started with deep learning. It introduces you to Tensorflow, the most widely used machine learning library for training deep learning models. You will then work on your first deep learning problem by training a deep feed-forward neural network for digit classification, and move on to tackle other real-world problems in computer vision, language processing, sentiment analysis, and more. Advanced deep learning models such as generative adversarial networks and their applications are also covered in this book.By the end of this book, you will have a solid understanding of all the essential concepts in deep learning. With the help of the examples and code provided in this book, you will be equipped to train your own deep learning models with more confidence.Style and approachA step-by-step guide filled with multiple examples to help you get started with data science and deep learning.
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