Hands-On Microservices with Kotlin

Autor: Juan Antonio Medina Iglesias

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Build smart, efficient, and fast enterprise-grade web implementation of the microservices architecture that can be easily scaled.About This BookWrite easy-to-maintain lean and clean code with Kotlin for developing better microservicesScale your Microserivces in your own cloud with Docker and Docker SwarmExplore Spring 5 functional reactive web programming with Spring WebFluxWho This Book Is ForIf you are a Kotlin developer with a basic knowledge of microservice architectures and now want to effectively implement these services on enterprise-level web applications, then this book is for youWhat You Will LearnUnderstand microservice architectures and principlesBuild microservices in Kotlin using Spring Boot 2.0 and Spring Framework 5.0Create reactive microservices that perform non-blocking operations with Spring WebFluxUse Spring Data to get data reactively from MongoDBTest effectively with JUnit and KotlinCreate cloud-native microservices with Spring CloudBuild and publish Docker images of your microservicesScaling microservices with Docker SwarmMonitor microservices with JMXDeploy microservices in OpenShift OnlineIn DetailWith Google's inclusion of first-class support for Kotlin in their Android ecosystem, Kotlin's future as a mainstream language is assured. Microservices help design scalable, easy-to-maintain web applications; Kotlin allows us to take advantage of modern idioms to simplify our development and create high-quality services. With 100% interoperability with the JVM, Kotlin makes working with existing Java code easier. Well-known Java systems such as Spring, Jackson, and Reactor have included Kotlin modules to exploit its language features.This book guides the reader in designing and implementing services, and producing production-ready, testable, lean code that's shorter and simpler than a traditional Java implementation. Reap the benefits of using the reactive paradigm and take advantage of non-blocking techniques to take your services to the next level in terms of industry standards. You will consume NoSQL databases reactively to allow you to create high-throughput microservices. Create cloud-native microservices that can run on a wide range of cloud providers, and monitor them. You will create Docker containers for your microservices and scale them. Finally, you will deploy your microservices in OpenShift Online.Style and approachThis book guides the reader in designing and implementing services, achieving production- ready, testable, easy-to-maintain, lean code that's shorter and simpler than a traditional Java implementation.
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