Java EE 8 Microservices

Autor: Kamalmeet Singh, Mert Caliskan, Ondrej Mihalyi, Pavel Pscheidl

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Build microservices-based enterprise applications with the latest version of Java EE Key Features Create microservices in Spring and deploy them with Docker and Mesos Examine a number of real-world use cases and hands-on code examples Develop distributed applications based on microservices architecture Book Description Cloud-based applications have been increasingly in demand, and this has caused a shift from monolithic to microservice applications. With the help of Java EE 8 Microservices, you'll get to grips with the components of Java EE 8 and understand how they are used to implement microservices. This book explains how a monolithic application is transformed into a microservice application, then helps you connect it in a traditional way and use advanced approaches for asynchronous communication. Once you have learned the basics, you'll explore advanced topics to make your microservices robust, scalable, and secure. Microservices form distributed applications, and by the end of this book you'll have discovered how to develop, pack, ship, and support distributed applications using Java EE. What you will learn Build microservices from the ground up with Java EE 8 Implement and deploy microservices with Spring Boot Develop reactive pipelines for asynchronous communication Use caching mechanisms and JSON Web Token (JWT) to create scalable and secure microservices Empower microservices with the Micro Profile effort and implement health checks, fault tolerance, and monitoring mechanisms Use containers to build and deploy microservices Create contract-first documentation with Swagger and API Blueprint Who this book is for Java EE 8 Microservices is for Java EE developers keen to build microservice-based enterprise applications.
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