Mastering Spring Cloud

Autor: Piotr Minkowski

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Learn how to build, test, secure, deploy, and efficiently consume services across distributed systems. Key Features - Explore the wealth of options provided by Spring Cloud for wiring service dependencies in microservice systems. - Create microservices utilizing Spring Cloud's Netflix OSS - Architect your cloud-native data using Spring Cloud. Book Description Developing, deploying, and operating cloud applications should be as easy as local applications. This should be the governing principle behind any cloud platform, library, or tool. Spring Cloud–an open-source library–makes it easy to develop JVM applications for the cloud. In this book, you will be introduced to Spring Cloud and will master its features from the application developer's point of view. This book begins by introducing you to microservices for Spring and the available feature set in Spring Cloud. You will learn to configure the Spring Cloud server and run the Eureka server to enable service registration and discovery. Then you will learn about techniques related to load balancing and circuit breaking and utilize all features of the Feign client. The book now delves into advanced topics where you will learn to implement distributed tracing solutions for Spring Cloud and build message-driven microservice architectures. Before running an application on Docker container s, you will master testing and securing techniques with Spring Cloud. What you will learn - Abstract Spring Cloud's feature set - Create microservices utilizing Spring Cloud's Netflix OSS - Create synchronous API microservices based on a message-driven architecture. - Explore advanced topics such as distributed tracing, security, and contract testing. - Manage and deploy applications on the production environment Who this book is for This book appeals to developers keen to take advantage of Spring cloud, an open source library which helps developers quickly build distributed systems. Knowledge of Java and Spring Framework will be helpful, but no prior exposure to Spring Cloud is required.
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