Hands-On Data Warehousing with Azure Data Factory

Autor: Christian Cote, Michelle Kamrat Gutzait, Giuseppe Ciaburro

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Leverage the power of Microsoft Azure Data Factory v2 to build hybrid data solutions Key Features Combine the power of Azure Data Factory v2 and SQL Server Integration Services Design and enhance performance and scalability of a modern ETL hybrid solution Interact with the loaded data in data warehouse and data lake using Power BI Book Description ETL is one of the essential techniques in data processing. Given data is everywhere, ETL will always be the vital process to handle data from different sources. Hands-On Data Warehousing with Azure Data Factory starts with the basic concepts of data warehousing and ETL process. You will learn how Azure Data Factory and SSIS can be used to understand the key components of an ETL solution. You will go through different services offered by Azure that can be used by ADF and SSIS, such as Azure Data Lake Analytics, Machine Learning and Databrick's Spark with the help of practical examples. You will explore how to design and implement ETL hybrid solutions using different integration services with a step-by-step approach. Once you get to grips with all this, you will use Power BI to interact with data coming from different sources in order to reveal valuable insights. By the end of this book, you will not only learn how to build your own ETL solutions but also address the key challenges that are faced while building them. What you will learn Understand the key components of an ETL solution using Azure Data Factory and Integration Services Design the architecture of a modern ETL hybrid solution Implement ETL solutions for both on-premises and Azure data Improve the performance and scalability of your ETL solution Gain thorough knowledge of new capabilities and features added to Azure Data Factory and Integration Services Who this book is for This book is for you if you are a software professional who develops and implements ETL solutions using Microsoft SQL Server or Azure cloud. It will be an added advantage if you are a software engineer, DW/ETL architect, or ETL developer, and know how to create a new ETL implementation or enhance an existing one with ADF or SSIS.
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