ASP.NET Core 2 Fundamentals

Autor: Onur Gumus, Mugilan T. S. Ragupathi

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Imagine the boost in business if you can build large, rich web applications with little code and built-in Windows authentication. With this book, you can gain skills to develop real-world applications with ASP.NET Core 2. Key Features Adopts the application-centric approach to explain core concepts Covers industry-best practices to build flexible, robust applications Shows how to enhance your applications by adding more functionalities Book Description The book sets the stage with an introduction to web applications and helps you build an understanding of the tried-and-true MVC architecture. You learn all about views, from what is the Razor view engine to tagging helpers. You gain insight into what models are, how to bind them, and how to migrate database using the correct model. As you get comfortable with the world of ASP.NET, you learn about validation and routing. You also learn the advanced concepts, such as designing Rest Buy (a RESTful shopping cart application), creating entities for it, and creating EF context and migrations. By the time you are done reading the book, you will be able to optimally use ASP.NET to develop, unit test, and deploy applications like a pro. What you will learn Work with basic programming constructs using the Razor view engine Use flexibility and data compartmentalization of ViewModel Build a custom route for ASP.NET MVC applications for SEO Optimize applications with performance analysis and improvement steps Improve application performance, security, and data access to optimize the overall development process Deploy an ASP.NET MVC application in a non-Windows environment Who this book is for If you are looking to build web applications using ASP.NET Core or you want to become a pro in building web applications using the Microsoft technology, this is the ideal book for you. Prior exposure and understanding of C#, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS syntax is assumed.
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