Ripple Quick Start Guide

Autor: Febin John James

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Learn to work with XRP and build applications on Ripple's blockchain Key Features Learn to use Ripple's decentralized system for transfering digital assets globally A simpilfied and shortened learning curve to understand the Ripple innovation and Blockchain Takes a hands-on approach to work with XRP – Ripple's native currency Book Description This book starts by giving you an understanding of the basics of blockchain and the Ripple protocol. You will then get some hands-on experience of working with XRP. You will learn how to set up a Ripple wallet and see how seamlessly you can transfer money abroad. You will learn about different types of wallets through which you can store and transact XRP, along with the security precautions you need to take to keep your money safe. Since Ripple is currency agnostic, it can enable the transfer of value in USD, EUR, and any other currency. You can even transfer digital assets using Ripple. You will see how you can pay an international merchant with their own native currency and how Ripple can exchange it on the ?y. Once you understand the applications of Ripple, you will learn how to create a conditionally-held escrow using the Ripple API, and how to send and cash checks. Finally, you will also understand the common misconceptions people have about Ripple and discover the potential risks you must consider before making investment decisions. By the end of this book, you will have a solid foundation for working with Ripple's blockchain. Using it, you will be able to solve problems caused by traditional systems in your respective industry. What you will learn Understand the fundamentals of blockchain and Ripple Learn how to choose a Ripple wallet Set up a Ripple wallet to send and receive XRP Learn how to protect your XRP Understand the applications of Ripple Learn how to work with the Ripple API Learn how to build applications on check and escrow features of Ripple Who this book is for This book is for anyone interested in getting their hands on Ripple technology and learn where it can be used to gain competitive advantages in their respective fields. For most parts of the book, you need not have any pre-requisite knowledge. However, you need to have basic background of JavaScript to write an escrow.
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