Cyber Minds

Autor: Shira Rubinoff

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Cyber Minds brings together an unrivalled panel of international experts who offer their insights into current cybersecurity issues in the military, business, and government. Key Features Explore the latest developments in cybersecurity Hear expert insight from the industry's top practitioners Dive deep into cyber threats in business, government, and military Book Description Shira Rubinoff's Cyber Minds brings together the top authorities in cybersecurity to discuss the emergent threats that face industries, societies, militaries, and governments today. With new technology threats, rising international tensions, and state-sponsored cyber attacks, cybersecurity is more important than ever. Cyber Minds serves as a strategic briefing on cybersecurity and data safety, collecting expert insights from sector security leaders, including: General Gregory Touhill, former Federal Chief Information Security Officer of the United States Kevin L. Jackson, CEO and Founder, GovCloud Mark Lynd, Digital Business Leader, NETSYNC Joseph Steinberg, Internet Security advisor and thought leader Jim Reavis, Co-Founder and CEO, Cloud Security Alliance Dr. Tom Kellerman, Chief Cybersecurity Officer for Carbon Black Inc and Vice Chair of Strategic Cyber Ventures Board Mary Ann Davidson, Chief Security Officer, Oracle Dr. Sally Eaves, Emergent Technology CTO, Global Strategy Advisor – Blockchain AI FinTech, Social Impact award winner, keynote speaker and author Dr. Guenther Dobrauz, Partner with PwC in Zurich and Leader of PwC Legal Switzerland Barmak Meftah, President, AT&T Cybersecurity Cleve Adams, CEO, Site 1001 (AI and big data based smart building company) Ann Johnson, Corporate Vice President – Cybersecurity Solutions Group, Microsoft Barbara Humpton, CEO, Siemens USA Businesses and states depend on effective cybersecurity. This book will help you to arm and inform yourself on what you need to know to keep your business – or your country – safe. What you will learn The threats and opportunities presented by AI How to mitigate social engineering and other human threats Developing cybersecurity strategies for the cloud Major data breaches, their causes, consequences, and key takeaways Blockchain applications for cybersecurity Implications of IoT and how to secure IoT services The role of security in cyberterrorism and state-sponsored cyber attacks Who this book is for This book is essential reading for business leaders, the C-Suite, board members, IT decision makers within an organization, and anyone with a responsibility for cybersecurity.
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