Python: Beginner's Guide to Artificial Intelligence

Autor: Denis Rothman, Matthew Lamons, Rahul Kumar, Abhishek Nagaraja, Amir Ziai, Ankit Dixit

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Develop real-world applications powered by the latest advances in intelligent systems Key Features Gain real-world contextualization using deep learning problems concerning research and application Get to know the best practices to improve and optimize your machine learning systems and algorithms Design and implement machine intelligence using real-world AI-based examples Book Description This Learning Path offers practical knowledge and techniques you need to create and contribute to machine learning, deep learning, and modern data analysis. You will be introduced to various machine learning and deep learning algorithms from scratch, and show you how to apply them to practical industry challenges using realistic and interesting examples. You will learn to build powerful, robust, and accurate predictive models with the power of TensorFlow, combined with other open-source Python libraries. Throughout the Learning Path, you'll learn how to develop deep learning applications for machine learning systems. Discover how to attain deep learning programming on GPU in a distributed way. By the end of this Learning Path, you know the fundamentals of AI and have worked through a number of case studies that will help you apply your skills to real-world projects. This Learning Path includes content from the following Packt products: Artificial Intelligence By Example by Denis Rothman Python Deep Learning Projects by Matthew Lamons, Rahul Kumar, and Abhishek Nagaraja Hands-On Artificial Intelligence with TensorFlow by Amir Ziai, Ankit Dixit What you will learn Use adaptive thinking to solve real-life AI case studies Rise beyond being a modern-day factory code worker Understand future AI solutions and adapt quickly to them Master deep neural network implementation using TensorFlow Predict continuous target outcomes using regression analysis Dive deep into textual and social media data using sentiment analysis Who this book is for This Learning Path is for anyone who wants to understand the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and implement it practically by devising smart solutions. You will learn to extend your machine learning and deep learning knowledge by creating practical AI smart solutions. Prior experience with Python and statistical knowledge is essential to make the most out of this Learning Path.
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