Apache Spark 2: Data Processing and Real-Time Analytics

Autor: Romeo Kienzler, Md. Rezaul Karim, Sridhar Alla, Siamak Amirghodsi, Meenakshi Rajendran, Broderick Hall, Shuen Mei

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Build efficient data flow and machine learning programs with this flexible, multi-functional open-source cluster-computing framework Key Features Master the art of real-time big data processing and machine learning Explore a wide range of use-cases to analyze large data Discover ways to optimize your work by using many features of Spark 2.x and Scala Book Description Apache Spark is an in-memory, cluster-based data processing system that provides a wide range of functionalities such as big data processing, analytics, machine learning, and more. With this Learning Path, you can take your knowledge of Apache Spark to the next level by learning how to expand Spark's functionality and building your own data flow and machine learning programs on this platform. You will work with the different modules in Apache Spark, such as interactive querying with Spark SQL, using DataFrames and datasets, implementing streaming analytics with Spark Streaming, and applying machine learning and deep learning techniques on Spark using MLlib and various external tools. By the end of this elaborately designed Learning Path, you will have all the knowledge you need to master Apache Spark, and build your own big data processing and analytics pipeline quickly and without any hassle. This Learning Path includes content from the following Packt products: Mastering Apache Spark 2.x by Romeo Kienzler Scala and Spark for Big Data Analytics by Md. Rezaul Karim, Sridhar Alla Apache Spark 2.x Machine Learning Cookbook by Siamak Amirghodsi, Meenakshi Rajendran, Broderick Hall, Shuen MeiCookbook What you will learn Get to grips with all the features of Apache Spark 2.x Perform highly optimized real-time big data processing Use ML and DL techniques with Spark MLlib and third-party tools Analyze structured and unstructured data using SparkSQL and GraphX Understand tuning, debugging, and monitoring of big data applications Build scalable and fault-tolerant streaming applications Develop scalable recommendation engines Who this book is for If you are an intermediate-level Spark developer looking to master the advanced capabilities and use-cases of Apache Spark 2.x, this Learning Path is ideal for you. Big data professionals who want to learn how to integrate and use the features of Apache Spark and build a strong big data pipeline will also find this Learning Path useful. To grasp the concepts explained in this Learning Path, you must know the fundamentals of Apache Spark and Scala.
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