Extending Microsoft Power Apps with Power Apps Component Framework

Autor: Danish Naglekar, Hemant Gaur

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

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Learn how to extend the capabilities of Power Apps by building code components using Power Apps Component FrameworkKey FeaturesUnderstand how to extend Power Apps' capabilitiesEnhance your skills with the help of practical code components used throughout the bookOvercome common challenges, avoid pitfalls, and improve your codeBook DescriptionPower Apps Component Framework is used by professional developers to extend the capabilities of model-driven and canvas apps. Extending Microsoft Power Apps with Power Apps Component Framework will take you through the basic as well as advanced topics using practical examples. The book starts by helping you understand the fundamentals of the framework, its lifecycle, and the tools that you'll use to build code components using best practices and file management guidelines. You'll then learn how to extend Power Apps step by step and apply the principles and concepts covered in the book to build code components for field type attributes. The book covers different ways of debugging code components and guides you through the process of building code components for datasets. You'll also explore the functions and methods provided by the framework to enhance your controls using powerful sets of libraries and extensions. As you advance, you'll get to grips with creating and managing authentication profiles, discover different ways of deploying code components, and configure code components in model-driven and canvas apps. Finally, you'll learn some of the important features of the framework and learn modern web development practices. By the end of this Power Apps book, you'll be able to build, debug, enrich, and deploy code components confidently.What you will learnUnderstand the fundamentals of Power Apps Component FrameworkExplore the tools that make it easy to build code componentsBuild code components for both a field and a datasetDebug using test harness and FiddlerImplement caching techniquesFind out how to work with the Dataverse Web APIBuild code components using React and Fluent UI controlsDiscover different deployment strategiesWho this book is forThis book is for developers who are looking to build advanced skills for extending the capabilities of Power Apps. Basic knowledge of Power Apps and web development is necessary to get started with this book.
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