Embracing Microservices Design

Autor: Ovais Mehboob Ahmed Khan, Nabil Siddiqui, Timothy Oleson, Mark Fussell

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

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Develop microservice-based enterprise applications with expert guidance to avoid failures and technological debt with the help of real-world examplesKey FeaturesImplement the right microservices adoption strategy to transition from monoliths to microservicesExplore real-world use cases that explain anti-patterns and alternative practices in microservices developmentDiscover proven recommendations for avoiding architectural mistakes when designing microservicesBook DescriptionMicroservices have been widely adopted for designing distributed enterprise apps that are flexible, robust, and fine-grained into services that are independent of each other. There has been a paradigm shift where organizations are now either building new apps on microservices or transforming existing monolithic apps into microservices-based architecture.This book explores the importance of anti-patterns and the need to address flaws in them with alternative practices and patterns. You'll identify common mistakes caused by a lack of understanding when implementing microservices and cover topics such as organizational readiness to adopt microservices, domain-driven design, and resiliency and scalability of microservices. The book further demonstrates the anti-patterns involved in re-platforming brownfield apps and designing distributed data architecture. You'll also focus on how to avoid communication and deployment pitfalls and understand cross-cutting concerns such as logging, monitoring, and security. Finally, you'll explore testing pitfalls and establish a framework to address isolation, autonomy, and standardization.By the end of this book, you'll have understood critical mistakes to avoid while building microservices and the right practices to adopt early in the product life cycle to ensure the success of a microservices initiative.What you will learnDiscover the responsibilities of different individuals involved in a microservices initiativeAvoid the common mistakes in architecting microservices for scalability and resiliencyUnderstand the importance of domain-driven design when developing microservicesIdentify the common pitfalls involved in migrating monolithic applications to microservicesExplore communication strategies, along with their potential drawbacks and alternativesDiscover the importance of adopting governance, security, and monitoringUnderstand the role of CI/CD and testingWho this book is forThis practical microservices book is for software architects, solution architects, and developers involved in designing microservices architecture and its development, who want to gain insights into avoiding pitfalls and drawbacks in distributed applications, and save time and money that might otherwise get wasted if microservices designs fail. Working knowledge of microservices is assumed to get the most out of this book.
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