You may have got your first Django developer job after a six-week bootcamp or online course, and that’s great, but what’s next? In small companies, mentorship can be hard to come by and gaining the traits of a senior developer without that can take a long time. This is precisely where Django in Production comes into play.This book will first delve into the true meaning of good practice and help you understand the rationale behind industry professionals building websites in specific ways to develop a solid foundation for your Django projects. Next, you will uncover hidden Django secrets through hands-on exploration, leveraging the power of Docker and version control to your advantage. You will gain insights into mastering Git hooks for efficient code maintenance, establishing a robust CI pipeline, and harnessing the capabilities of AWS Beanstalk. These tools will empower you to develop highly scalable products—an essential skill set for aspiring developers transitioning from junior to senior roles. Later, you will understand the significance of monitoring and be introduced to industry-standard tools utilized by professionals for effective monitoring practices.By the end of this book, you will have set yourself apart from the crowd, equipped with the knowledge and expertise to thrive as a seasoned Django developer.