Developing Multi-Platform Apps with Visual Studio Code

Autor: Ovais Mehboob Ahmed Khan, Khusro Habib, Chris Dias

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

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Redefine your software development experience by understanding the extensive features and rich functionalities offered by Visual Studio CodeKey FeaturesLeverage the power of the free, cross-platform, and highly customizable code editor to build modern web and cloud applicationsEdit, debug and deploy on Microsoft Azure with Visual Studio CodeLearn how to customize features and install a wide variety of third-party extensionsBook DescriptionMicrosoft Visual Studio Code is a powerful, lightweight code editor for modern web and cloud development. It is a source code editor that can be used with a variety of programming languages, which works on multiple platforms such as Linux, Windows, and macOS. This book provides extensive coverage of the tools, functionalities, and extensions available within the VS Code environment that will help you build multi-platform apps with ease.You'll start with the installation of VS Code and learn about various tools and features that are essential for development. Progressing through the chapters, you'll explore the user interface while understanding tips and tricks for increasing productivity. Next, you'll delve into VS Code extensions and discover how they can make life easier for developers. Later, the book shows you how to develop a sample application with different programming languages, tools, and runtimes to display how VS code can be used effectively for development, before helping you get to grips with source code version management and deployment on Azure with VS Code. Finally, you'll build on your skills by focusing on remote development with VS Code.By the end of this book, you'll have the knowledge you need to use Visual Studio Code as your primary tool for software development.What you will learnExplore various editing, formatting, and navigational features of VS CodeUnderstand how to add, delete, and configure extensions in VS CodeDevelop web APIs using Node.js, Java, and Python in VS CodeDevelop background service in .NET Core and explore DaprDelve into debugging techniques such as breakpoints, log points, and data inspectionUse Git with Azure DevOps to share and synchronize code with VS CodeCreate custom extensions in VS Code to increase developer productivityUnderstand the concepts of remote development using VS CodeWho this book is forThis book is for software developers, web developers and polyglot programmers, who are working with any language or framework such as Python, Java, Node.js, or .NET and are looking to learn how they can create multi-platform, microservices based, cloud-native applications while effectively using Visual Studio Code for editing, debugging, version management and deployment. Basic software development skills are a must to grasp the concepts covered in this book.
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