The Data Analysis Workshop

Autor: Gururajan Govindan, Shubhangi Hora, Konstantin Palagachev

Wydawnictwo: Packt Publishing

Learn how to analyze data using Python models with the help of real-world use cases and guidance from industry expertsKey FeaturesGet to grips with data analysis by studying use cases from different fieldsDevelop your critical thinking skills by following tried-and-true data analysisLearn how to use conclusions from data analyses to make better business decisionsBook DescriptionBusinesses today operate online and generate data almost continuously. While not all data in its raw form may seem useful, if processed and analyzed correctly, it can provide you with valuable hidden insights. The Data Analysis Workshop will help you learn how to discover these hidden patterns in your data, to analyze them, and leverage the results to help transform your business. The book begins by taking you through the use case of a bike rental shop. You'll be shown how to correlate data, plot histograms, and analyze temporal features. As you progress, you'll learn how to plot data for a hydraulic system using the Seaborn and Matplotlib libraries, and explore a variety of use cases that show you how to join and merge databases, prepare data for analysis, and handle imbalanced data. By the end of the book, you'll have learned different data analysis techniques, including hypothesis testing, correlation, and null-value imputation, and will have become a confident data analyst.What you will learnGet to grips with the fundamental concepts and conventions of data analysisUnderstand how different algorithms help you to analyze the data effectivelyDetermine the variation between groups of data using hypothesis testingVisualize your data correctly using appropriate plotting pointsUse correlation techniques to uncover the relationship between variablesFind hidden patterns in data using advanced techniques and strategiesWho this book is forThe Data Analysis Workshop is for programmers who already know how to code in Python and want to use it to perform data analysis. If you are looking to gain practical experience in data science with Python, this book is for you.
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