Poems Of A Musical Flavour: Volume 5

Autor: Tiara King

Wydawnictwo: Royal Star Publishing

1993 part 2 is 101 songs to read and enjoy. Covering a wide range of topics, mostly love, and quite plagiarised by myself. Life in general had changed, the world, the people in it, the ways, the whys, the whats. What the hell were we doing to the world? If only we had kept things the way they were because they changed, and not for the better. 1993 is split into two parts because I beat my previous year’s record and wrote 201 songs, so cutting it into two parts makes for easier reading. The book also contains some witty one-liners and anecdotes about what was happening, who I wanted to be, or who I had a crush on. They are not perfect, nor meant to be, they’re just the musings of a young teenage girl with crushes and dreams. Here’s 1993 part 2. Enjoy!
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