Twin Dragons

Autor: S.E. Smith

Wydawnictwo: Montana Publishing

USA Today  Bestseller!  New York  Times  Bestseller! Among the  Valdier, twin  dragons  are  feared above  all  others. Within  a  prison  camp  on  a  mining  asteroid,  Melina  has  disguised  her  gender for  years…. Cree  and  Calo  have  earned  Creon’s  trust,  but  the  infamous  insanity that  besieged  the  first  twin  dragons  is  now  beginning  to  take  over  their senses,  just  as  all  the  Dragon  Lords  have  found  their  true  mates.  After so  long  without  a  mate  of  their  own,  their  dragons  are  pushing  them  to do  something  that  would  surround  them  with  devastating  death  and  a bitterly  waged  war.  There  has  never  been  a  woman  who  can  handle  a lifetime  with  two  dragon-shifters,  and  they  don’t  expect  that  to  change now  when  they  desperately  need  a  partner  to  save  their  sanity.  Hope can  spring  from  unexpected  places  however,  and  the  rescue  of  an  old man  and  his  suspiciously  mysterious  grandson  from  an  abandoned mining  asteroid  launches  the  twins  into  a  confused  and  conflicted journey  to  a  distant  planet  called  Earth  at  the  behest  of their…true  mate. Internationally  acclaimed  S.E.  Smith  presents  a  new  action-packed story  full  of  romance  and  adventure.  Brimming  with  her  signature humor,  vivid  landscapes,  and  beloved  characters,  this  book  is  sure  to be another fan  favorite!
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