Blog Ideas

Autor: Steve Shockley

Wydawnictwo: StormShock Press

Has your blog become stale? Blog Ideas is a compilation of the best modern blogging practices and resources. This book is packed with 131 ideas to supercharge your blog. Idea #13: Where to find "green" hosting Idea #24: An easy way to get short, memorable domain names Idea #30: How to make your blog load faster Idea #34: Create a "now" page Idea #40: Controlling where your readers look Idea #45: The life hack that energizes me for the whole day Idea #49: How to write irresistable headlines Idea #55: Should you incorporate? Idea #64: Prompts for telling your story Idea #70: How to find the latest trends to write about Idea #74: Ideas for contests you can host Idea #77: How to build traffic by commenting on other blogs Idea #90: Find the right keywords for your blog posts Idea #93: Develop your Facebook strategy Idea #100: The best locations to place your ads Idea #106: Find the right affiliates Idea #107: Where to sell your digital products Idea #114: How to capture all your ideas Idea #120: Come up with new ideas with Amazon search Idea #127: Where to find the best free mind mapping software...and over 100 more. Get inspired and make your blog fresh again!
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