Boho Days

Autor: J. Collis

Wydawnictwo: Outer Obscurity

“I’m writing one great song before I…” When Jonathan Larson died, he left behind a musical poised to become a world-spanning phenomenon. When RENT struck, Larson became a legend - and his work legendary. But legends and overnight successes are never spawned from nothing, and the story of how Jonathan Larson became a Tony Award winning composer and Pulitzer Prize winning dramatist has never been covered in depth - until now. By looking at Larson’s entire 16-year output, Boho Days looks at not just how RENT and tick, tick… BOOM! came to life but where they came from - and how they really fit into Larson’s work as a whole. Featuring new interviews with Larson’s creative and personal associates and extensive archival research, Boho Days demystifies the composer’s vision and advancement, offering fans new and old the full story of the man behind the musical which changed the world. "I think Jonathan Larson would have really enjoyed reading this book. I wish he could have.” --Barry Singer (Author EVER AFTER: The Last Years of Musical Theater and Beyond)
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