Don't Let Tears Kiss My Face

Autor: Stjepan Maksimovic

Wydawnictwo: BookRix

The joy in the hearts of the readers has been my primary motivation and lodestar when writing this book. They represent the foundation for its complex inner infinity. The book opens up to you, like a magnificent flower does before the first rays of sun and morning dew, offering eternity. Let the magic of the sky By whom I am sending you kisses Let my song , Let this my verse , Ascend unto my caresses To our Love arched Moab By which we will together be Committed to each other United in one body to live for ever I'm in your heart You 're in my heart Thank the Almighty That I found you Thank you for existing To flourish and only love me Woven out of the words, the red carpet you are treading on, leads you into a multidimensional world, the world of miraculous structural poetic forms, a million notes, magical bells made of vivid imagination, spring blossoms... It rings through the bright paths of your soul, bringing to you so much needed and beautiful feeling of exaltation, dazzle you with its refined world full of pure love which pervades every verse in the book. I am sure that, upon closing the pages of this book, you will step out in the real world as a happy and satisfied witness to its noble value and speak of it with your own love.Stjepan Maksimović 
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