Vale da Lua/Raizama, Brazil

Autor: Luise Hakasi

Wydawnictwo: BookRix

Natural beauty and energetic mystical aura make the Chapada dos Veadeiros de Goiás one of the most coveted destinations of ecotourism in Brazil. Waterfalls, rivers, natural pools, mountains, canyons, crystal mines, hiking trails and unforgettable landscapes are part of the Cerrado scenario. Flora and fauna of this place enchant with colorful exotic species; endangered animal species complete this ecological sanctuary.In this eBook: Focus on Raizama and Vale da Lua (Moon Valley). There are lots of useful tips and information about the interesting travel destination Chapada dos Veadeiros/Goiás: tourist sites, tours, arrival, accommodation, food, climate, travel tips, travel documents, Portuguese crash course and more. Includes dozens of photos of different tours through this stunning landscape of natural parks full of waterfalls.
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