The 50 Greatest Leaders of All Time

Autor: Ryan Jackson

Wydawnictwo: BookRix

History has shown us that leadership can come from anywhere, from anyone. Some of the most recognizable names in history–Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi–came from nothing. Some other recognizable names–Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Alexander the Great–came from great privilege. That's the beauty of leadership: its impartial to upbringing. History has also shown us that the world's greatest leaders come from all different fields. Albert Einstein is universally recognized as an innovative thought leader in science, while Mary Wollstonecraft is universally recognized as an innovative thought leader in the march towards women's rights. The bounds are endless. This book is a culmination of the great leaders of the world, ranking them based on two factors: leadership ability and impact on the world. It analyzes how the upbringing and life experiences of each of the chosen leaders influenced their leadership style, and what lessons can be pulled from them. The selected leaders impacted a broad range of people throughout their lives, and from many different platforms, from world leaders, to civil rights leaders, to philosophical leaders, to economic leaders, company leaders, and even to nation-building leaders. Every type of leader out there is examined in depth within these covers.
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