Autor: Gene Stratton-Porter

Wydawnictwo: Jazzybee Verlag

A Tale of Indiana—a picture straight from life, showing the home circle of the Stantons and telling the love story of Laddie, the big brother of the Stanton family, and Pamela Pryor, an English girl. The book is full of poetry and of that love of nature that goes hand in hand with the author's idealism. The vividness of the home life quite lays hold of one so that he cries out: "Here, indeed, is a true story!" Few will forget the charm of the home wedding when Shelley Stanton was married, or the delicious moment when Leon, facing the congregation in the little Methodist Church, recited his thirteen texts, addressing each one to a member of the church for whom he had selected it with diabolical care. Here again, as in "Freckles," "A Girl of the Limberlost," and "The Harvester," one has that sense of being very close to the heart of nature, in flower and bird; and very close to the heart of man, in the purest and best emotions of life.
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