Grimm's Fairy Tales

Autor: Wilhelm Carl Grimm

Wydawnictwo: idb

I. Hans in Luck II. The Travelling Musicians III. The Golden Bird IV. The Fisherman and His Wife V. The Tom-tit and the Bear VI. The Twelve Dancing Princesses VII. Rose-bud VIII. Tom Thumb IX. The Grateful Beasts X. Jorinda and Jorindel XI. The Wonderful Musician XII. The Queen Bee XIII. The Dog and the Sparrow XIV. Frederick and Catherine XV. The Three Children of Fortune XVI. King Grisley-beard XVII. The Adventures of Chanticleer and Partlet XVIII. Snow-drop XIX. The Elves and the Shoemaker XX. The Turnip XXI. Old Sultan XXII. The Lady and the Lion XXIII. The Jew in the Bush XXIIV. The King of the Golden Mountain XXV. The Golden Goose XXVI. Mrs. Fox XXVII. Hansel and Grettel XXVIII. The Giant with the Three Golden Hairs XXIX. The Frog-prince XXX. The Fox and the Horse XXXI. Rumpel-stilts-kin XXXII. The Goose-girl XXXIII. Faithful John XXXIV. The Blue Light XXXV. Ashputtel XXXVI. The Young Giant and the Tailor XXXVII. The Crows and the Soldier XXXVIII. Pee-wit XXXIX. Hans and His Wife Grettel XL. Cherry, or the Frog-bride XLI. Mother Holle XLII. The Water of Life XLIII. Peter the Goatherd XLIV. The Four Clever Brothers XLV. The Elfin Grove XLVI. The Salad XLVII. The Nose XLVIII. The Five Servants XLIX. Cat-skin L. The Robber-bridegroom LI. The Three Sluggards LII. The Seven Ravens LIII. Roland and May-bird LIV. The Mouse, the Bird and the Sausage LV …
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